10 most- claimed health conditions furnishing aged people with over to£ 407 each month

The rearmost numbers from the Department for Work and Pensions( DWP) show by the end of November 2022, there were further than1.4 million aged people entering fresh fiscal support through Attendance Allowance, including over 127,000 living in Scotland. The payment is worth either£68.10 or£101.75 each week and is designed to help people of State Pension age with diurnal living charges and can also help them stay independent in their own home for longer.

The benefit supports people with a disability, long- term illness and internal or physical health issues. The list of conditions supported through Attendance Allowance is long, further than 50, but the most common disabling condition- an marquee term used by the DWP- is arthritis, which provides support for 410,637 people across Great Britain, including 36,932 in Scotland.

Number of Attendance Allowance heirs- November 2022
Scotland- 127,399
England- 121,1628
Wales- 94,904
Living Abroad- 4,398
most- claimed for Attendance Allowance conditions
The 10 conditions listed below are supporting of the1.4 m total number of people entering Attendance Allowance.

Main condition and number of heirs across Great Britain

Arthritis- 410,637
madness- 144,971
Heart Disease- 101,018
Respiratory Conditions- 84,197
complaint Of The Muscles, Bones or Joints- 70,926
Cerebrovascular complaint- 67,309
Back Pain- 60,639
Visual diseases and conditions- 45,138
Parkinson’s- 37,082
Neurological Conditions- 29,261
Medical conditions are sourced from information recorded on the DWP’s Attendance Allowance computer system.

What’s Attendance Allowance?
Attendance Allowance helps with redundant costs if you have a physical or internal disability or illness severe enough that makes it hard for you to look after yourself it doesn’t cover mobility requirements. You don’t need to have someone minding for you in order to make a claim.

Who can claim?
You should apply for Attendance Allowance if you have a disability or illness and need help or supervision throughout the day or at times during the night- indeed if you do n’t presently get that help.

This might include :

  • Help with your particular care- for illustration getting dressed, eating or drinking, getting in and out of bed, bathing or raining and going to the restroom
  • Help to stay safe

You should also apply if you have difficulties with particular tasks, for illustration if they take you a long time, you witness pain or you need physical help, like a president to lean on. Attendance Allowance is n’t just for people with a physical disability or illness.

You should also claim if you need help or supervision throughout the day or night and have :

  • a internal health condition
  • literacy difficulties
  • a sensitive condition- if you’re deaf or visually bloodied

How important could I get on Attendance Allowance?
You could admit£68.10 if you need help during the day or at night or£101.75 if you need help during the day and at night, or if you’re terminally ill. The benefit is paid every four weeks, which means you could admit either£272.40 or£407.00 every pay period.

You can spend the plutocrat however you like and it could help you stay independent in your own home for longer.

This might include :

  • paying for hacks
  • helping towards bills
  • paying for a cleanser or gardener

Can I claim Attendance Allowance indeed if I’ve savings and other income?
Yes. Attendance Allowance is not means- tested so it does not count what other plutocrat you have coming in or how important you have in savings either- there is no limit. it’s also duty-free and you’ll be pure from the Benefit Cap so you will not have plutocrat taken down from any other benefits.

Will Attendance Allowance affect my State Pension?
No, it will not affect your State Pension and you can indeed claim it if you are still working and earning plutocrat.

How does Attendance Allowance affect other benefits?
The other benefits you get might increase if you get Attendance Allowance, these include :

  • Extra Pension Credit
  • Housing Benefit Reduction
  • Council Tax Reduction

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