Watch Out : These common mistakes can causing damage to your eyes

Of course we are aware of increased screen time and lack of proper sleep can cause immense damage to our eyes. In an early interview with, Dr Tushar Grover, Medical Director, Vision Eye Centre, New Delhi said, “The more time we spend on digital screens including laptops, mobile phones, tablets, e-readers and even television, our eyes have an unproportionate increased exposure time to these screens full with considerable harming consequences, which could include eye strain, headaches, blurred vision or double vision, dry eyes or even neck and shoulder pain. Sometimes, it can also lead to disturbance in sleep patterns and difficulties to concentrate.”

We may not know that some of our commonal habits such as rubbing eyes or overusing the eye drops are the lesser evil. Dr Rekha Radhamony list some of these common mistakes that we can be avoid for maintaining healthy eyes. 

*Using warm water to wash our eyes: Some of us have this habit of washing our eyes with warm water, but it is not advisable. Dr Radhamony explained that eyes are the seat of Pitta (heat) and, therefore, they need to be washed with cold water or room temperature water.

*Not blinking often enough : Blinking is one of the most underestimated yet effective ways to avoid eye strain. It is not only provides a break for our eyes and further keeps the eyes from being dry by lubricating them, but also cleanses all toxins. The expert elucidated while using mobiles or other gadgets we are so stick to the screens we forget to blink. “Make a conscious effort to blink often,” she said.

*Overusing fake eye drops: Many people usually overuse eye drops for instant relief from any kind of irritation or pain. Meanwhile they might prove to be helpful in the short term, but in the long course “they can made your eyes even drier.” The expert suggested as per Ayurveda, “The best eye drops are always the oil-based one for the long term.”

*Using eye masks when sleep: People love to do their skincare routines and eye masks are a necessary part of it. Although that hot compress eye masks can provide comfort, the expert believes that this action might not be good for the eyes. “Let your eyes free and breathe in the night,” she said further suggestion to “we can use a cold pack instead of a hot pack in case of infections and stye.” 

*Rubbing the eyes: It is an unaware habit we are all guilty of doing. “Rubbing the eyes for any reason is cursed for eye health,” said the expert, then explain, “Our eyes have a very thin layer of the conjunctiva which protects them” and that protection can be damaged if we rubbed too thoroughly. “Instead of rubbing, we can reach out for cold water and wash your eyes,” she added.

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